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Accessible Onsen hotel in Tohoku
Towadako Kohanso lake Towada no accessible room, but wheelchair accessible inside.
Japanese room only, but portable bed available.
Kaisenkaku Asamushi no accessible room, but wheelchair accessible inside.
western room available. nice sunset from hot spring.
Hotel Kiraraka Oga 1 accessible room " Tsukimiso ". 
accessible public hot springs.  no English info
Odate Yadate Heights Odate 1 western room. public facility. wheelchair friendly.
accessible toilet available. no English info. 
Kyukamura Nyuto-Onsenkyo   Nyuto 
famous secret Onsen area.
operated by National Park Resort Villages of Japan.
full accessible. toilet and western room available.
Sports & Resort Center Arinasu   Noshiro 
sports center with accommodation. 1 accessible twin.
only 2,550yen / bed, 300yen / hot spring. very cheap.

Hotel Akinomiya Sanso south east 1 barrier free room. wheelchair friendly spa resort.
booking it on web.
accessible hot springs. 
Hotel Grand Tencoo lake Tazawa wheelchair accessible inside. no detail info.
1 accessible toilet available and western room  
Hachimantai Heights   Hachimantai
accessible room with private hot spring.
( Japanese western style room in west wing )
wheelchair friendly hot springs. full accessible.
Ikoi no mura Iwate    Nishine IC 
2 accessible rooms
10,000yen - / single, 11,000yen - / person ( 2-6)
Kyukamura Iwate-Amihari   Iwate mt 
2 accessible rooms. 4 natural pure hot springs.
changed full wheelchair accessible in 2005
Hotel Shion   Morioka 
accessible non step new public hot spring.
accessible toilet available, but no accessible room.
Tansen Hotel Akayu Japanese western room are wheelchair accessible.
private hot spring. accessible toilet. step on public bath.
Arima kan Kaminoyama accessible inside. large toilet available on 1st floor.
no special room, but possible to stay.
suite and special room with two beds.
private hot spring. can use many public bath with help.  
Ikoi no mura Shonai    Shonai 
Japanese western room is wheelchair accessible. 
hot spring, pool, sports, garden. accessible facility
Takinoyu    Tendo 
1 barrier free room, but can stay at western room.
public accessible toilet and large hot springs available.
New Mitoya Sendai 1 barrier free Japanese western room with two beds.
accessible public and private hot springs and pool. 
Kounkaku Dake Japanese western rooms on 2nd floor are possible to use on wheelchair. one step on door of public bath.
Yoshikawaya Anahara private hot spring " Yu-no " is well accessible.
ramp at entrance of public bath. 1 accessible toilet.
some room on 5th floor with beds. no English info.
Hotel Juraku Iizaka Accessible toilet on 8th floor. No special accessible room, but many room with beds. steps at entrance of hot springs and spa, but temporary ramp available. 
Hotel Shikisai Ichiriki Bandai Atami 1 barrier free room #102 with two beds.
famous as beautiful lady hot spring.
Kyukamura Ura-Bandai   Bandai mt 
accessible inside. toilet available. ramp and non step.
28 Japanese style rooms, 32 western rooms.
high class
mid range