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Japan travel info
World accessible info
Japan National Tourism Organization   
Accessible Hong Kong 
a visitor's guide to accessible facilities in Hong Kong.
one of most popular site. Japan travel and living guide.      
European Network for Accessible Tourism. 
Web Japan
sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
Wheelchair Holidays @Thailand  
travel agency in Bangkok.
accessible van, care assist service.  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Visa, study, working, invest, politics.      
online information hub for accessible attractions, hotels, and restaurants in Thailand

Rakuraku Odekake Net
train station accessibility information. helpful for wheelchair travelers.    
Accessible Indonesia  
exploring Indonesia with and without disabilities.

Accessible Travel Japan
another organization. 
Access Tourism New Zealand  
news / views about accessible tourism to people with disabilities / seniors. 

Accessible Japan
many reports. adapt smart phone.
Paris info 
many info for travelers with disability
using multiple language !
Accessible Tourism Tokyo
produced by Tokyo metropolitan governmnet.city.
Inclusive London
accessible info in London and UK.
search and find. 
Little Miss Turtle
personal blog. nice Japan travel reports by power wheelchair lady.
Accessible Madrid
mobility scooters tours and rentals.
Angelo Travel
Arrange Wheelchair Accessible Tour-
Osaka Kyoto Nara Kobe Tokyo Yokohama  
Barcelona Turisme
official accessible tourism info.
many language.
Roma and Italy Tourism for Disabled
Italian inbound tourism operator for person with disability.
Greece 4 all
Greek accessible information of  facilities and services for tourists.
Accessible Design Foundation
spread universal design in Japan.  
In Russia, St.Petersbourg and Mozocow. Travel company for disabled with long history.
IAUD ( International Association for Universal Design )
promotes Universal Design. 
Ecuador for all
from South America. Inbound accessible tourism company in Ecuador and Peru.
Travel for All
Japanese wheelchair traveler visit over 100 countries in the world.   
Martinique Accessile
One of French territory located in Caribbean sea. 
Accessible tourism travel agency research in Japan 2012
presentation data of Destination for All, international conference in Montreal.   
Fully Accessible Barbados
British commonwealth in Caribbean Sea. Many British elderly tourists visit here to get the sun.
Ski guesthouse in north Nagano
unique temple guesthouse beside the ski resort. not enough accessible facility, but they are so kind.   
Blue Flag
promote beach more accessible for all. Check the blue flag beach. 
Enable travel
inbound tour agent in Mumbai India. Visit incredible India ! 
Accessible Travel Netherlaands
check this page before visiting Netherlands. 
For Vegetarian and Halal Accessibility in Flanders
north Belgium area accessible info. 
Happy Cow. net
world wide vegetarian restaurants resource from USA   
Tourism For All
Portugal accessible travel agent for wheelchair and elderly. 
Navigation for Vegan, Vegetarian and Macrobiotic Restaurants database in Japanese and some English.
Accessible Tourism Center in Georgia 
Halal in Japan
Halal restaurants link page all of Japan and tourists info.
Epic Enabled
South Africa accessible tour. Go to wild life safari !
Lonely Planet Accessible Tourism Online Resources
99 PDF page world wide database is now open in public freely.