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Accessible Onsen hotel in Chugoku 
Izanro Iwasaki  Kurayoshi

historical and traditional hotel. 12 kinds of hot springs.
private hot spring is wheelchair accessible.
2 wheelchair accessible " silver room". no English info.
Yumehiko  Shikano

barrier free hotel. 1 accessible room. 
no English info.
Kanpo no yado Kaiki  Yonago

Kaiki Onsen near Yonago and Sakaiminato. seaside
1 accessible western room available. no English info.
Shogetsu  Yonago

wheelchair friendly. full flat or ramp. good accessibility.
no special room, but accessible toilet on ground floor.
Tamatsukuri Grand Hotel
no accessible room. but wheelchair friendly inside.
all rooms are Japanese traditional style without bed.
8 hot springs connecting ramps. accessible toilet.
hot springs opened since year 713. 
no English info.
Hotel Gyokusen  Tamatsukuri
1 accessible western room with not large bathroom.
large public hot springs. no English info.
Minamikan  Matue
1 accessible room. Japanese room with two beds.
small public bath room and 2 steps on entrance.
Naniwa Issui  Matue 
1 barrier free room, #308, but normal bath.
7 special rooms with private hot spring outside.
wheelchair users can stay. non step and wide door.
#3. #6, #8, 3 of 7 rooms with beds.
public hot spring also available, but 5cm step on door.
Yuai Kumanokan  Yagumo 
south of Matsue mountain area. no English info.
12 rooms with bed and 8 Japanese rooms without bed.
full accessible facility. accessible hot spring and toilet. 
Kamedake Onsen
Tamamine Sanso
Izumo mt
1 accessible room. no step and large.
accessible family hot spring available. no English info.
Sahimeno Iwami
1 universal room. well accessible inside.
with accessible toilet. 
Yunogo Onsen Kifu no Sato  Mimasaka
good quality service. full accessible inside.
1 accessible room with bath. 4 rooms with twin beds.
large toilet on ground floor. perfect English info.
Kyukamura Hiruzen Kogen   Hiruzen 
east building is new and more accessible.
many western room with beds on east building.
Hotel Ofutei  Tomonoura
beautiful sea around. full accessible hot spring hotel.
1 barrier free twin room with large toilet. #411.
Arcadia Village  Hatsukaichi
40 min by car from Hiroshima central. flat inside.
Japanese western room is wheelchair accessible.
Nishiki Palace Hotel  Iwakuni
1 barrier free twin room. 7,800yen - / person with meal
famous hot spring 1 min from hotel. it is full flat.
Ichinomata Onsen Grand Hotel Shimonoseki
1 western twin room with large toilet is accessible.
barrier free private hot spring. fugu cuisine is famous.
Kawatana Grand Hotel Shimonoseki
7 accessible rooms with private hot spring.
stairs on public large bath.  
Yamamura Bekkan Nagato
1 handicap room with 1 bed and 2 person on tatami.
full accessible hot spring on underground floor. 
high class
mid range