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Accessible Onsen hotel in Central Japan
Tamanoyu   Asama 
very famous wheelchair friendly Japanese style hotel.
6 accessible Japanese twin bed rooms
1 accessible family room with private hot spring. 
Ontake Kyukamura   Ontake mt

Nagoya city nature accommodation.
2 barrier free rooms available. non step on hot springs.
Simosuwa Onsen Miyanoyu   Suwa lake

historical Japanese inn. wheelchair friendly.
some western room with beds. No English info.
Tateshina Shinyu Yatsugadake

wheelchair friendly very historical hot spring inn. 
1 universal large western room.
Nobeyama Sanso   Yatsugadake

Old Japanese traditional inn. 2 accessible rooms.
accessible private hot spring and toilet. No English.
Hakura   Yudanaka
Wheelchair friendly small Onsen hotel near Shiga kogen ski resort. 100% pure Onsen and cheep price.
Hirugami Grand Hotel Tenshin      south Nagano
accessible inside. western room. ramp on large bath.
no detail info, but accessible toilet available..
Inaka      south Nagano
wheelchair friendly ryokan. good facility and service.
universal design room on main building.
Miyamaouan   Hirayu
mountain area. accessible western room available.
wheelchair friendly. no step and lift inside.
Okada Ryokan Warakutei   Hirayu
1 accessible room with private hot spring.
non step and lift to large public hot spring. no English.
Takayama Green Hotel   Takayama
7 universal rooms. full accessible. big souvenior shop.
5cm step at entrance of public hot springs.
Hida Hotel Plaza Takayama universal rooms ( suite room ). stairs to hot spring on top floor. ramp to hot spring on underground floor.
can stay at normal room. much cheaper.
accessible toilets available. wheelchair friendly.
Takayama Ouan   Takayama 
3 accessible "deluxe twin". online booking OK.
can stay at normal room if use public accessible toilet.
Kisoya   Gero
not perfect facility. They put temporary beds, tables and chairs in Japanese tatami room.
Hotel Takeshima   Gamagori
1 handicap room. sea view from public bath.
Kanpo no yado Chitahama   near airport
1 barrier free room. no English info.
Kanpo no yado Mikkabi   Hamanako
1 barrier free room. no English info.
Yumotoya   Niigata

special room " Rikyu " is accessible design for family.
2 beds, tatami, large toilet and bath, 7 person max.
Tsukioka Onsen Kahou   Shibata

5 western twin rooms are all wheelchair accessible.
Private barrier free hot spring is also available.
New Heart Pia Niigata Senami   Murakami

6 accessible twin rooms on 4th floor.
non step to large public hot spring.
Aquare Nagaoka   Nagaoka

accessible public facility with onsen, pool, and gym. .
1 special accessible room. 9 western rooms.
Matsunoyama Onsen Tamakiya   Tokamashi

1 accessible Japanese western room with hot spring.
small hotel. normal room is cheaper. no English.
Unohama New Hotel   Joetsu

beachside hot spring hotel in oine forest.
1 accessible room. some steps inside but ramp there.
Kyukamura Myoko   Myoko 
popular ski area. cool in summer season.
1 western room ( no special ). public accessible toilet.
Himi no Hana   Himi

1 accessible twin western room available. 
ex Japan national pension health center. no English.
Kanazawa Sainoniwa Kanazawa 1 barrier free twin. 5 min by car from JR station.
public hot spring on ground floor. 
Ikoi no mura Noto hanto   Noto hanto

" 4 beds western room " and " special A type "
are wheelchair accessible room. no English info.
Kanpo no yado Yamashiro   Yamashiro

1 accessible western room available. no English info.
Kagaya   Wakura

Many times chosen the best Onsen hotel in Japan.
2 accessible room ( Japanese tatami + twin beds ).
Luxurious facility and high quality service.    
Grandia Housen   Ashihara

2 accessible western twin room with private hot spring.
3 accessible Japanese western room for family.
wheelchair friendly public and private hot springs.
Kyukamura Echizen-Mikuni   Mikuni 
no accessible room, but can stay at western room.
full accessible inside and accessible toilet.
Kanpo no yado Fukui   Fukui city 1 accessible western room available. no English info.
high class
mid range