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Accessible Onsen hotel in Kansai
Taki no Yu  Kaizuka 
Public day use Onsen has 4 rooms. 
2 of them are wheelchair accessible.
Located in south Osaka near international airport.
Hanamusubi  Arima 
accessible Japanese western sweet room (max 6 person) with a private bath. renewed in 2016.
Hana ko Yado  Arima 
the smallest hotel in Arima. owner thinks accessibility.
not perfect, steps at entrance, but comfortable mood.
1 accessible room ( Japanese twin B ) on 1st floor with private hot spring. Arima is hilly place in mountain.
Kanpo no yado Arima  Arima 
1 accessible western room available. no English info.
Ginka  Kinosaki 
no special accessible room. accessible toilet available.
New Sunpia Himeji Yumesaki  Himeji 
1 accessible twin room.
7,000yen / single, 12,000yen / twin without meal.
Kyukamura Takeno Kaigan   Japan sea 
1 accessible room. full accessible inside.
crab cuisine in winter is famous.    
Shiawase no mura  rokko mt.
Kobe city welfare facility. 8 accessible twin rooms.
many accessible toilet and big accessible hot spring.
can stay at normal room. 5700 - 6200 yen / person.
2800 - 3100yen / person with disability or age over 60 .
Shoenso Hozugawatei  Kameoka 
#310 is less step wheelchair accessible room with private bath. Not perfect but some possible.
Kyoto Keburikawa  Kameoka 
1 large barrier free Japanese western room.
40 min from Kyoto central by car.
Yurapia Hotel  Tango 
hotel in agriculture park " Ajiwai village ". no English.
1 barrier free twin. crab cuisine in winter is famous.
Centrale Hotel Kyotango  Tango 
1 accessible room. accessible hot spring.
crab cuisine in winter is famous. English info available.
Nagahama Royal Hotel  Nagahama 
1 accessible western twin room. no detail info.
Kaisyu   Shirahama 
no special accessible room, but wheelchair friendly.
no step to big hot spring bath, but stairs to family bath.
wheelchair rental and accessible toilet available.
Kanpo no yado Shirahama  Shirahama 
1 accessible western room available. no English info.
Kyukamura Nanki Katsuurai   Katsuura 
no accessible room, but accessible inside.
Inishie no yado Ikyu    Ise 
New modern Onsen hotel. 1 barrier free twin.
Located near Ise jingu and Okage yokocho.
Oishiya    Ise  
good English info. 1 barrier free twin room " Himawari "
full flat to public bath. traditional style but accessible.
Kanpo no yado Toba    Toba 
1 accessible western room available. no English info.
public bath are accessible using a temporary ramp.
Sun perla Shima    Shima 
Mie prefecture public facility. 1 accessible twin room.
full flat to all public bath.  7 rooms with beds.
Senpokaku    Toba 
wheelchair friendly. accessible 2 Japanese western and 1 western room with private bath. small car with ramp transportation service. problem is steps to public bath.
Toba Seaside Hotel    Toba  
full flat to public bath. some accessible rooms.
almost non step to public bath. no English info.
Hotel Shima Spain mura    Shima 
Hotel inside Shima spain village. 
1 handicap twin. #101. full flat to public hot spring.
Toba Seaside Hotel    Toba  
#209 room is wheelchair accessible. booking by tel.
21,000 yen - / person with meals  
Yumoto Sakakibara kan    Sakakibara 
1 barrier free room. accessible public hot spring.
mini bus with lift transportation service. 
high class
mid range