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Okinawa Hotel
Hotel JAL city Naha Naha 6 universal twin room. 31sq  directly booking by tel.
29,453 yen - / room
Nikko Hotel Naha Grand Castle Naha universal room ( = nikoniko room ). 50sq
48,150yen - / room
ANA Intercontinental
Manza Beach Resort
beach 1 universal twin room on 3rd floor, beach side. 32sq
one of the most favorite hotel in Okinawa
Monterey Okinawa beach 1 universal family room on 3rd floor. 46sq.
luxury class category.
Renaissance Okinawa Resort beach 1 accessible room " accessible connecting ".
possible to book it on web, but only Japanese.
dolphin program, diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc..  
Nikko Hotel Alivila beach 1 accessible room on 1st floor in south wing. 
new standard twin category
Laguna Garden Hotel beach 1 accessible room in East wing. 
No detail info.
Orion Motobu Resort & Spa Churaumi
2 universal rooms at Ocean wing. 
max 3 person. 57sq. 

Hotel Nikko Yaeyama Ishigaki no accessible room, but with public bath. no English
Mercure Okinawa Naha 6 accessible rooms.
Ryukyu Onsen
Senagajima Hotel
Naha airport 1 universal room (1-3 person).
with day use hot spring spa. Airport and ocean view.  
Daiwa Roynet Hotel
Okinawa - Kenchomae
Naha universal rooms available. 25sq. one bed + sofa bed.
possible to book it on web, but only Japanese.
Hotel Tokyu Bizfort Naha Naha 5 barrier free rooms. 25sq. 
can book on web.
JR Kyushu Hotel blossom Naha Naha opened in 2017. 1 universal room
Zanpa Misaki Royal Hotel beach 2 universal twin rooms.  marine activity and pool.
large public bath on ground floor.  wheelchair rental.
Smile Hotel Okinawa Naha  Naha 3 barrier free twin rooms. located near ferry port. 
Toyoko Inn  Naha 4 hotels in Naha city with an accessible room.
directly booking by telephone or fax. 
Toyoko Inn Ishigaki  Ishigaki 1 accessible twin room. 
directly booking by telephone or fax. 
high class
mid range