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Kansai international airport official website  Airport Access Information 

Train JR  " Haruka " Very fast, but costs high. Full wheelchair accessible train and stations.
to Kyoto 90 min 1880 yen + 1490 yen ( express fee ) = 3370 yen
to Shin Osaka 55 min 1360 yen + 1490 yen ( express fee ) = 2850 yen
JR  Local Express Many local express train "Airport Rapid Service ". No reserved seat.
Major JR stations are wheelchair accessible.
to Osaka 65 min 1190 yen.  to Tennoji 45 min 1060 yen.    

Nankai  Rapit Limited Express, every 30min between airport and Namba. All reserved seats.
to Namba, 35 min, 920 yen + 510 yen = 1430 yen. Not so high price. 
Wheelchair space inside train and accessible stations.
Nankai  Airport Express Local train. Many stop, but not so slow. No reserved seat. 
to Namba, 50 min, 920 yen.   

Bus Kansai Airport limousine So many destination. No non-step bus. Stairs on door. 
Difficult to use for wheelchair users. Trains is better.

to / from  Itami airport Bus is very popular, but difficult to use bus for wheelchair users.
By train, JR to Osaka, Hankyu to Hotarugaike, Monorail to Itami airport.
to / from  Kobe airport Ship service " Kobe - Kanku  Bay Shuttle " between two airport every one hour.
1,850 yen. Non step bus to port. Non step to ship. Wheelchair space inside ship.

    West Japan Railway company  English website
    route map ( PDF ) only Japanese, JR West  

Lift Taxi  

Osaka Kansai airport - Osaka Hotel    price :  25,000 yen
Osaka Kansai airport - Kyoto Hotel     price :  35,000 yen

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