Japan Accessible Tourism Center





名義 日本無障礙旅遊中心
位置 大阪,日本
設立 :  2011 1

Team Profiles 

Kiji  -  president

wheelchair traveler visited over 100 countries. 
writer / accessible consultant / motivational speaker 
When I was 17 years old, my backbone was broken by rugby in high school. 
It was a terrible sport accident T-11 spinal cord injury in 1990.
But I never give up my dream traveling the world.
personal website   http://www.kijikiji.com/english/

Yu  -  English writing check

Hello! My name is Yu Sato. I have cerebral palsy. My role in the Japan Accessible Tourism Center is to check our leader’s English translation on the website. Actually, I engage in translation work at a publishing company. I really enjoy learning English. I also like traveling abroad. So I would be happy if I can make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable by providing you with English information about wheelchair accessibility in Japan. Japan has many places worth visiting and accessible for wheelchair users. I hope that more and more people will enjoy traveling in Japan, regardless of their physical conditions.

Toshi  -  volunteer guide

One of JATC volunteer guide living in Tokyo central near Shinjuku.
I sometime work for foreign tourist with disability in Tokyo with my wife.
English skill is not high, but I like communicating with them
Easy attendant only, no professional physical assistance in toilet and hotel.
See you in Tokyo. I will guide you the best accessible way for fun.

Shigeki  -  volunteer guide

One of JATC volunteer guide living between Osaka and Kyoto.
Pharmacist. Hemiplegia. Crutch user. 

Kamida  -  volunteer guide

One of JATC volunteer guide living in Nikko.
My wife is from Thailand. Therefore I speak Thai language. 
Many years I help Japanese tourists with disabilities as a local volunteer.
Welcome to Nikko.
Mary  -  French translation

French lady who studied Japanese accessible tourism as our internship student.

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