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無障礙信息  :   JR Hotel  

One of the three noted gardens in Japan. Typical traditional Japanese garden. Many hills, stairs, and dirt roads. Some areas are not wheelchair accessible. Yes, this is natural garden. Official website shows barrier free route. Senior citizens and wheelchair users can take a stroll around the garden easily. This garden is wheelchair friendly. Perfect information.  

  21st Century museum     
Contemporary art museum in Kanazawa. Opened in 2004. Located in central Kanazawa, beside Kenrokuen. Very famous and popular tourist spot.

  Omicho market     
Kitchen of the citizens of Kanazawa with 280 years history. 12min by walk from JR Kanazawa station. Located in old town. 6 entrances and 140 shops. Fish, In winter, plenty of crabs are sold here. It is also good place to eat sushi and fish bowl. Many restaurants on 2nd floor. Wide aisle and elevator there. No problem to go on wheelchair.

  Teahouse district     
Kanazawa historical place. Maiko and Geisha still work today. Antique house has many steps and tiny inside. Enjoy walking around. Small community non-step bus runs central Kanazawa, but the access is not friendly for wheelchairs. Many buses have still stairs.



Many Onsen around Kanazawa. Traditional Onsen hotel still has many barrier for wheelchair users because their buildings are old. But there are public renewed Onsen in the central. It is wheelchair accessible now. Local people and guests who do not stay at hotel use those public Onsen. Using a public Onsen and stay at accessible business hotel is one of the way of travel.

  Maruoka castle    

is one of 12 existing original castle tower. This is the most historical architect style. The castle is small and only long stairs at entrance, but it is possible to access in front on wheelchair. Here is famous for soba noodles and flied tofu. There are a a lot of snow in winter. It is dangerous for wheelchair to go on the ramp in snow.

  Tateyama Kurobe


Great mountain sightseeing alpine route by various ride. Start from JR Toyama station, local railway, cable car, highland bus, tunnel trolley bus, ropeway, cable car, walk, torolley bus, and local bus to the goal JR Shinano Omachi station through 3015m high Tateyama mountain and huge Kurobe dam. However not wheelchair accessible. Route with many stairs.